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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Mother turns 70

So much to say so little space to say it in.

Our Mom, what an amazing women she is and always has been. Today wife, mother of seven, grandmother of 28 and great grandmother of 6 turned 70!

Looking at my mothers life I admire and have unbelievable respect for the person she is. Birthday's were always wonderful, detail paid to each child as their turn came up in the year. This had nothing to do with gifts it was just the feeling that Mom brought to each of us. School days were made easier with a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a sincere interested person sitting across from us talking to us about our day. Getting in trouble was just a little bit easier when Mom carried out the punishment. Christmas usually a white one was filled with incredible scents from the oven paired with Kenny Rogers playing softly throughout our home, always bright lights and beautiful decorations, many homemade (those were the special ones I still remember to this day) Family vacations were made fun because of Mom, nobody rode rides at Magic Mountain alone, everyone had a buddy:) The Lakers and Celtics were a time of passion in our home. Years ago the table was divided, half of us were Laker fans and the other half Celtic (I was a Laker fan only because my mom was) Her grace and inner beauty radiates all around her family when she enters the room. Grandkids giggle and squirm when they see Nana, Gima, Grandma, Mama or one of the other many names that they have given to her over the years. Grandsons cry when they say goodbye to her as they each leave to serve the Lord for 2 years on their missions. I could continue forever and still not have enough room to tell you all the many things that make her so special.

In all essence our mother is just plain wonderful and I am grateful for the never ending example she has shown me throughout my life. I unfortunately got the spout off whenever you feel like it gene. As I get older I try to be kind, giving, forgiving and loving like Mom. Not sure I'll ever get their but I sure have an incredible hero to study under.

Mom, now that I'm a Mom I get to see you in a complete different light, an even better light then I saw you as a little girl. You are an amazing women and you have an entire family that appreciates and loves you more than you probably realize. So here's a ginormous Happy Birthday from us all, your beautiful, your wonderful, your compassionate, your giving, your the best Mom we could have ever asked for and we love you!
Happy 70th Birthday


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Because

Life often goes by so fast that we forget what is of complete and all absolute importance. As I sit here in my office nearing my 33rd birthday I realize how few years the hubby and I have left with our kids at home. 9 years my friends until Scott is 18. Letting that sink in is almost surreal.

At the current moment I hear Taylor my oldest singing Silent Night and in the near background I can hear echo’s of Tally and Scott screaming at the top of their lungs laughing and playing tag.

Happy, happy is our little family and I sometimes forget amongst all that goes on in our life that just hearing my oldest sing and listening to the two younger kids laugh, these are the moments that in less than 9 years from now Isaac and I will miss. When you get right down to it, our life would just not matter much without these three. Sure we have each other but it's all 5 of us that make our bond so strong. So blessed we are to have who we have in our little world.

Those that know my children best can and will tell you what silly but wonderful kids they are. They might tell you that Taylor is an avid equal rights activist, Tally a serious animal rights activist and Scott a Basketball rights activist(meaning he can play, watch and dream basketball as often as possible). Those that know our children will tell you that Taylor still loves her Mom to tuck her in at night, Tally is generally quiet but if she knows you and trusts you she will talk your ear off (just ask Nana) and Scott requires kisses anytime I leave the house (even if its just to go out to the yard and back). Those that know our kids will tell you that Taylor is totally annoyed by her brother (probably because they are exactly alike) but when they get along anything and everything is possible(even building a go cart) Tally always plays with the little kids, they adore her sweet personality and kindness and it always seems at family gatherings she has an entourage of people under the age of 8 continuously following her around like little ducklings. Scott no matter how many people shuffle in and out be it a mall, church or a restaurant always, always holds the door open till the very last person is in or out.... I could go on and on about all the cute and quirky little things that myself and others notice about our kids. To put it simply, out of all that I have accomplished in my life nothing compares to the happiness and complete satisfaction I have when I look into each one of their eyes and see a world a hundred times better just because they are here:) So to you three kiddos, this post is just because you make my world beautiful, just because your wonderfully unique, just because Dad and I are proud of you, just because I love you,
love Mom


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Williams Family

Beautiful! This absolutely describes this amazing family. As I sat doing a super Saturday editing marathon in my office, I got to the Williams pictures and I couldn’t help but think to myself that the genetic makeup of these kids are nothing less than perfect! Seriously, Linda and Nathan you have an amazingly beautiful family. I had a great time with you and your awesome kiddos this past week. The shoot was a blast and you all looked perfecto!



Wishing you each a very Merry Christmas:)