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Friday, April 8, 2016

Are You A Multitasking Mama?

My current reality is I am sitting and editing a High School Seniors photo shoot I took just a few days ago while balancing a sleepy toddler on my lap. All the while hoping my hand span is wide enough so that I can hit the keyboard commands I need for photo shop just by using one hand without waking her up... As you see that didn't work too well, she's grumpily aware of what I'm doing. Insert sigh here..... No matter how good, bad or indifferent the pictures turn out, being able to multitask is pure skill (or desperation) not sure which category it falls into with motherhood.  Seriously tho, I KNOW there are other mamas out there doing the same thing. Whether its your baby, teenager, grandchild, puppy or anyone else your a mommy too, heres to all you beautiful ladies that can get it done! Lots of love and admiration to you all! Now back to my senior pictures and my Leah baby:)