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Getting Healthy

After a post I made on my personal Facebook page about a lifestyle change my family and I have began, I received quite a few inquiries about the diet/exercise program we are on.  Some left comments and numerous others messaged me to get the details.  Its been such a crazy week that I haven't had much time to email back. We had a Birthday, kids were heading back to school and I've been catching up on my Real Estate continuing education classes so my license doesn't  expire... and so on and so on.  Rather than messaging everyone, I thought the more practical way to get the info out would be here on the blog.

Before I go into our eating plan, I need to hang a little disclaimer out there.   I am not a Dr (obviously) so please see one first! Also I am NOT a fitness person or guru or ever have been.  Most of my life I've tried to avoid healthy until just recently and totally don't want to give any false impressions. So with those disclaimers in mind heres my short story…

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