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Studio Lighting

Lately I've been really focusing on indoor shoots, loving and wanting to learn the art and techniques it takes to have beautiful well lit pictures with a softness about them.  Its the one animal I hadn't ventured to learn all that well. Mostly because it scared me a little. Shooting outdoors was easy and the light at the right time of day always seemed to do the trick.  It wasn't until I became a little bored with the same old thing that I began to get curious about indoor photography. Along this journey I've tried lots of different equipment/brands.  You may have read my past social media spread about one of my favorite light sources the Yongnuo flash.   It works great on and off the camera.  I love it and plan on having several.  At the price you pay for them you can afford to have a few and not worry if one drops and accidentally brakes.  I love to use it indoor and out.  If I need more light I use them in conjunction with a couple of my 600 watt continuous lights. …

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