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Saturday, November 23, 2013

5 Tips To Help You Improve

 Your Photography 
These are just a few tricks I wish I would have known when I began my obsession with the camera almost 10 years ago. Hopefully they'll help some of you that are just beginning your adventure with digital photography.

1. Get Up Close.  DON’T be afraid to get in there, and yes I mean really get in there. Grab your husband; your kid or your dog and practice the most awkward close up in your face super duper stinkin close up that they will allow without feeling violated. I LOVE close ups and so do many of my clients. Be sure to focus on the eyes and keep things steady!

2. Try Shooting In A Different Setting. Sometimes we get stuck shooting in automatic. But trust me on this one, when you start to broaden your setting horizon and shoot in something like aperture or even manual, you get so much more control over your image. Go online and you will find tons of tutorials that will help you. Here's a starter for ya!

3. Go At It Like A Photojournalist.   Some of the biggest mistakes I made early on were trying to over pose people.  I realized that especially with small kids often the best shots are the ones that are unexpected and candid. Not every picture needs a smile nor does it need a person looking straight at the camera. Keep it real as I like to say and tell a story.

4. Lay off the Caffeine.    No really, this one is a must! Especially if you’re shooting in manual!  I stop drinking my diet cokes at least 2 hours prior to a photo shoot. The Hippy Hippy Shake may be great for song lyrics but it will do nothing but frustrate the heck out of you later on when you go in to edit your photo! Also be sure to have a good grip on your camera and keep the shutter speed where you can manage things, these three tips will help you produce tack sharp images.

5. Try not to Over Edit.   I know the temptation is just so darn strong………. But trust me on this one. Over editing screams “I don’t know what I'm doing!”  However, don’t worry if you are a frequent over editing offender, practice makes perfect and eventually you’ll get it. I think we have all over softened or over sharpened at one point in our careers. I look back at some of my photos and want to cry they are soooooooo bad! The key is to be able to look back at your mistakes and learn from them.  Looking for a little help ? Well, Scott Kelby is the master of photoshop and has some great tutorials, check him out here!

This is Rusty our rescue puppy.  Absolutely one of my favorite models:-)

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I know the holidays can be straining on our wallets as well as our patients. Trust me I am right there with ya on that. So this year I have created a couple of great packages that allow you to still get your annual family picture but without so much strain on your bank account. Check out the two new deals that are lasting into Jan of 2014:-)