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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

On Saturday September 11, 2010 Tally and Scott Niu were baptized into and confirmed members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I read the above paragraph and think to myself, how in the world did we make it here? Take it from someone that for many years never imagined this day would come, to get to this point in our lives is a miracle, a small one but never the less still a miracle. The trials I personally have gone through at times seemed unbearable. How I got from that point to this point is still very hazy in my mind. However lost I was, I did always have three things in my life that meant and mean more to me then anything imaginable. Their names are Taylor, Tally and Scott. I suppose this goes back to the title of this post "A Little Child Shall Lead Them." This is the phrase, just six little words that define my children. They are my strength my rocks my little Saturdays Warriors. They teach me everyday what pure love is. They are and always will be my life.

What a special day it was this past Saturday for Tally and Scott. My sweet husband was able to baptise them both and then they were confirmed members of the church by their Grandpa's. To my beautiful children. I love you so very much and give thanks daily for each of you in my life. You have brought more light into my world then you will ever know, I may be your Mom but it is each of you that truly lead me. I love you more than words can say, and am so proud of your decision on this beautiful and very special day,


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bonds of Friendship


If set on a firm foundation it is never wavering and always sturdy.
We come from different ethnicity's, upbringings and religions.
Some raised by parents,grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles or
others that care enough about a child's life to love them and lead them.
We have different ideas,talents and gifts from our Heavenly Father,
each uniquely chosen for a reason. We find each other in ways that are
often highly unlikely and seem truly coincidental. We tell each other
our secrets our dreams our triumphs and our failures. We trust that we
will be true and honest with one another, never truly forgetting the bond
we have. We give each other hope, encouragement and love. We are always
protecting the other, regardless of the circumstances. We respect and
uplift one another in trying times. We vow as a pack to always choose the
right when faced with adversity. We are as unique together as we are apart.
We are perfect in every way imaginable each one making a positive impression
on the other. We are a completed puzzle all finished and glued together
for life. We are best friends that will have a bond forever.


You are my friend, my buddy my light. You make me laugh until my
stomach curls up, and you let me cry on your shoulder when I feel alone.
You are my friend because of who you are inside. A true find a true pearl
in an ocean full of chaos. I chose you and you chose me. I'm almost sure that
I knew you once upon a time, loving you then as I love you now.
We are blessed to be sharing this life together at the exact same moment
and in the exact same place.

Coincidental you say? Well I say no, not by any means
this was planned this was meant to be this proves once again that I am loved, I am a child of God.