Double Exposures, All We Need Is Love

Sometimes in order to get super creative with photography "All We Need Is LOVE" for double exposures😉 💜 Cameras are incredible now days.  With digital cameras at our fingertips, double exposures are easier than ever! If you've never done one and have no clue where to start, try doing an Internet search on your specific camera and where the double exposure setting is. Once you figure out your settings its pretty easy and you will love doing them!
My best bit of advice for double exposing anything is texture, texture, texture! Did I say texture...😎 Combining wood with foliage or a silhouette with leaves, seriously SO many possibilities🎉 For the image above I used my favorite lavender plant and our purple plum tree.  Making sure I got lots of the trees branches in the photo (they where a necessity to get the lines I wanted).  You can stop here and keep the image as it is "double exposed" or run the image in photoshop and create some wall art! I played with blur and eraser in PS and that was it, not hard at all!   I actually love this image so much it may make it on my wall🖼

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